2018 Rock Hall

Last weekend HBO once again aired the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony. Hall of Fame inductions are certainly subjective, possibly corporate political, and to many folks just downright pointless. Though I don’t always agree with the Hall’s choices, I always find the ceremony interesting for some reason. Last year’s Rock Hall ceremony […]

Swinging on Pins & Needles

Being early in the season, my mind is still on baseball. I likely would have slopped together some rant regarding how bad my beloved Cincinnati Reds once again are this year, but fortunately, Mark McGwire gave me some alternative and more interesting material to chew on tonight. In a recent interview with The Athletic sports website, Big […]

Baseball is Back

Well it might still look and feel like winter in the Midwest and on the East Coast, but the boys of summer are officially back in swing. Are you excited? Do you care? Are you even a baseball fan? As a kid baseball was my favorite sport. Every summer Druid Lane turned into a make-shift […]

What do you surf?

No Bodhi, not that kind of surfing! (Though my goodness I loved the original Point Break!) I’m talking about the world-wide web. The internet. You know, that thing most of us started using in the mid to late ’90s? Think about how strange that sounds. The web is about as much a part of our […]

Four Seasons

No…….not that……this post is literally about these.….. This week we observed the annual Spring equinox. Granted, where I live you wouldn’t know it’s Spring, but nonetheless the calendar says it is. This got me thinking, what’s your favorite season and why? I suppose it’s impossible to claim one season is better than another, or the best of […]

Toys in the Attic

Last week one of the worst kept secrets in U.S. business news was finally confirmed: Toys R Us is all done. I wasn’t shocked or surprised. Financial and mainstream news sites have been predicting it for over a year now. Like anything else though, the official confirmation of it always stings. I don’t know exactly […]

Nostalgia: What Do You Miss?

I recently read the founder of Tower Records passed away. I never had a Tower Records in my little hometown, but it got me thinking about record stores in general. In South Bend we had Tracks Records and Orbit Music. During my college years in Bloomington, we also had a Tracks, as well as Karma […]