Day 1 Qualifying: Indy 500

Following a late start due to inclement weather, day one of qualifying for the 101st running of the Indianapolis 500 took place today. Several drivers were clocking laps over 230 mph, even faster in the straightaways. Though many of the names aren’t household anymore to casual viewers, the owners’ names of some of the most […]

Chris Cornell When I first heard Chris Cornell had passed away, my first thought was “The good Lord decided it was time for his beautiful voice to “Say Hello 2 Heaven.” I assumed, at 52 physically healthy years of age, he died of a heart attack or some freak natural cause that can only be attributed […]

TV Dramas I’m Watching (Part 2)

Last post I mentioned four dramas on television I’m either watching or attempting to watch. Surprisingly, three of them are on network tv. I say surprising, because I simply don’t watch much network tv anymore. For the most part, I haven’t in years. I know CBS has been “America’s Most Watched Network” for over a […]

TV Dramas I’m Watching (Part 1)

Remember when the only downside of upcoming summers meant our television shows would go on hiatus? Though that’s still standard operating procedure for network shows, it doesn’t leave us in a 3-month lurch the way it once did. Cable stations, premiums, streaming, on demand…..there’s always something new or old for us to watch or binge through […]

Blogger’s Block So what do you blog about when you can’t think of anything to blog about? It’s been nearly a week since I slapped anything out on the page and I wanted my small legion of viewers to know I’m still out here. But…..what to say? So something new tonight. A random trip through Vic’s […]

Finally!!!! Does anyone remember boxing? I’d understand if you don’t. Well last weekend, for the first time in probably 15 years, I watched a great boxing match. Not only a great fight, but a great heavyweight championship bout. As a huge boxing fan all my life, I was resigned to the fact the sport was […]

From Seattle to the Hall This weekend HBO broadcasted the 2017 Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. Featured among the newly enshrined was Seattle’s Pearl Jam. The actual ceremony took place back on April 7th. For a longtime Pearl Jam fan, knowing they were inducted into the Rock Hall on my birthday was the best gift I could […]