“Rush” to Judgment?

Rush. Canada’s beloved power trio. The standard bearer of Prog Rock. Staples of terrestrial classic rock radio stations for decades. Geddy Lee, Neal Peart, and the blonde guy on guitar (Alex Lifeson). You all know Rush. You always have. Question is…what did you think of Rush? Be honest. When you were a high school kid, […]

Tom Petty: American Storyteller

On October 2nd, America lost a Rock ‘N Roll institution. At age 66, Tom Petty passed away from apparent cardiac arrest. This day of course, coincided with the horrific massacre in Las Vegas. As a result of that tragedy, and the shock of Petty’s unexpected death, I wasn’t ready to put a proper tribute to […]

Star Wars films: A History

Between the original 3 movies and the famous Kenner toy line, Star Wars was a huge part of my early childhood. I vaguely remember where I was the first time I saw it. Though today’s generation knows the film as “A New Hope” or “Episode IV,” when I was a kid we knew it simply […]