TV Dramas I’m Watching (Part 2)

Last post I mentioned four dramas on television I’m either watching or attempting to watch. Surprisingly, three of them are on network tv. I say surprising, because I simply don’t watch much network tv anymore. For the most part, I haven’t in years. I know CBS has been “America’s Most Watched Network” for over a […]

TV Dramas I’m Watching (Part 1)

Remember when the only downside of upcoming summers meant our television shows would go on hiatus? Though that’s still standard operating procedure for network shows, it doesn’t leave us in a 3-month lurch the way it once did. Cable stations, premiums, streaming, on demand…..there’s always something new or old for us to watch or binge through […]

T.V. Shows Better Than Movies?

Sunday, March 12, 2017 When Did T.V. Shows Become Better Than Movies? Image Credit: Remember watching television when you were a kid? Sure, there were shows we loved and watched every week, but how many of those shows were actually good? Think about it. Being a kid in the ’80s, prime time t.v. was […]