NBA’s Wild Off-Season

This year marked one of the craziest off-seasons of star player movement I can ever recall in the NBA. Now that all the major pieces have settled into place we can begin to speculate which moves made sense, which moves seem questionable, and which moves were downright head-scratchers that make no sense. The big domino […]

Annual NFL Coaching Carousel

The first Monday following the conclusion of the NFL’s regular season……a day known to head coaches as “Black Monday.” Most seasons see around seven or eight coaching changes. As of today, the number following the 2018 regular season has already reached eight, and a few more could be possible. The Cleveland Browns and Green Bay […]

Swinging on Pins & Needles

Being early in the season, my mind is still on baseball. I likely would have slopped together some rant regarding how bad my beloved Cincinnati Reds once again are this year, but fortunately, Mark McGwire gave me some alternative and more interesting material to chew on tonight. In a recent interview with The Athletic sports website, Big […]

Baseball is Back

Well it might still look and feel like winter in the Midwest and on the East Coast, but the boys of summer are officially back in swing. Are you excited? Do you care? Are you even a baseball fan? As a kid baseball was my favorite sport. Every summer Druid Lane turned into a make-shift […]

Solving NCAA Athletic$

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “living under a rock,” it would certainly apply to anyone who found themselves shocked by the latest findings of the FBI’s investigation into improprieties in college athletics. Student-athlete? Amateur athletics? Players and their families have been receiving benefits directly and indirectly from universities for years. This is nothing new. Most […]

The Dog Days of Sports

So the Super Bowl ended a week ago. NFL news lives 24/7 on NFL Network, but the games are gone until preseason next August. Die-hard baseball fans are excited about “Pitchers & Catchers Reporting to Camp” this month. Casual baseball fans say, “So what? The season doesn’t start until April.” Race fans? Well the Nascar folk […]

Sports Venues

If you’re a sports fan you likely hold a personal attachment or passion for a certain sports venue. A baseball park you love. A football stadium you think is better than others. A basketball arena you enjoy seeing hoops at. I’ve always been fascinated by sports venues. Even though they’re just physical structures, the history […]