Clue: “The Great Detective Game”

Who remembers playing board games? Along with video games and playing outdoors with my neighborhood friends, playing board games was a major highlight of my childhood. I loved going to other people’s houses and seeing their board game closets or shelves. Most folks had the same stuff, but there was always a game or two […]

Gearing Up For The Motor City!

Detroit. Not a place too many folks would be excited to go to. This Saturday I’ll be heading up there and I can’t wait! Why? Last year my buddy Dominic and I tried something new. We decided to head up there and take in the IndyCar Detroit Grand Prix on Belle Isle. Let me just […]

Chris Cornell When I first heard Chris Cornell had passed away, my first thought was “The good Lord decided it was time for his beautiful voice to “Say Hello 2 Heaven.” I assumed, at 52 physically healthy years of age, he died of a heart attack or some freak natural cause that can only be attributed […]

Blogger’s Block So what do you blog about when you can’t think of anything to blog about? It’s been nearly a week since I slapped anything out on the page and I wanted my small legion of viewers to know I’m still out here. But…..what to say? So something new tonight. A random trip through Vic’s […]

Midwest Living

Do you ever complain about where you live? Do you ever admire those you know who live in places like Florida, North Carolina, California, Colorado, Arizona, etc.? Of course you do. We all do. Other than a trip to Florida when I was very young, my first real venture from home was Coronado Island, California […]

What’s in a Birthday?

Friday, April 7, 2017 What’s in a Birthday? Image Credit: What’s in a birthday? In the grand scheme of things all birthdays are gifts. They’re a reminder you’ve lived another day, another week, another month……..and obviously, another year. Granted, the perspective differs depending on your age. When you’re a kid, birthdays are an expectation. […]