Tom Petty: American Storyteller

On October 2nd, America lost a Rock ‘N Roll institution. At age 66, Tom Petty passed away from apparent cardiac arrest. This day of course, coincided with the horrific massacre in Las Vegas. As a result of that tragedy, and the shock of Petty’s unexpected death, I wasn’t ready to put a proper tribute to […]

Chris Cornell When I first heard Chris Cornell had passed away, my first thought was “The good Lord decided it was time for his beautiful voice to “Say Hello 2 Heaven.” I assumed, at 52 physically healthy years of age, he died of a heart attack or some freak natural cause that can only be attributed […]

From Seattle to the Hall This weekend HBO broadcasted the 2017 Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. Featured among the newly enshrined was Seattle’s Pearl Jam. The actual ceremony took place back on April 7th. For a longtime Pearl Jam fan, knowing they were inducted into the Rock Hall on my birthday was the best gift I could […]

Best Concerts

( A couple weeks ago I had a guest speaker from an area college come to speak to my 11th graders. I had the same guy present last year. This time, Todd was in a particularly excited mood. The next day was his birthday, (48 years old) and his wife bought tickets to see Journey […]

Is Rock N’Roll Dead?

Monday, February 6, 2017 Is Rock N’ Roll Dead? Image Credit: So this year’s Super Bowl halftime show featured an exciting show by the talented Lady Gaga. I found her performance entertaining, but it didn’t make me want to hop on and start buying songs from her catalog. Not my bag. A couple […]