The Frightful Four (Part 1)

It’s once again that time of the year: Tricks, treats, costumes, and of course, frights! Every year ushers in AMC Network’s month of horror flicks, and Halloween night usually offers up some scary classics on various other channels up and down the dial as well. (ok, showing my age with the “up and down the […]

Pearl Jam: Wrigley Field

Those who know me well certainly know my affinity for music. Not a day goes by where I’m not either listening to tunes in my car, the kitchen, the garage, or singing along to the ever-ongoing songs in my head. As much as I love my albums (most of which are now conveniently housed on […]

Van Halen: 40 Years

Reunion tours and anniversary reissues are quite commonplace in the music world, yet this year marks a major anniversary for a very major band in rock history and odds are you had no idea. 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of Van Halen’s landmark self-titled debut album and the beginning of what grew to become one […]

Rock Hall Snubs

In my last post I blogged about the 2018 Hall Of Fame induction ceremony. This of course got me thinking about some of the bands we didn’t see that evening. I’m sure there are myriad reasons why some bands get in and some bands don’t. I imagine it comes down to more than just the […]

2018 Rock Hall

Last weekend HBO once again aired the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony. Hall of Fame inductions are certainly subjective, possibly corporate political, and to many folks just downright pointless. Though I don’t always agree with the Hall’s choices, I always find the ceremony interesting for some reason. Last year’s Rock Hall ceremony […]

Swinging on Pins & Needles

Being early in the season, my mind is still on baseball. I likely would have slopped together some rant regarding how bad my beloved Cincinnati Reds once again are this year, but fortunately, Mark McGwire gave me some alternative and more interesting material to chew on tonight. In a recent interview with The Athletic┬ásports website,┬áBig […]

Baseball is Back

Well it might still look and feel like winter in the Midwest and on the East Coast, but the boys of summer are officially back in swing. Are you excited? Do you care? Are you even a baseball fan? As a kid baseball was my favorite sport. Every summer Druid Lane turned into a make-shift […]